A Brief History Of FBT

Football Thai Factory Sporting Goods Company Ltd (FBT) was founded in 1952 initially manufacturing footballs for the domestic market. With expertise and technical innovation FBT soon became the most progressive sports ball manufacturer in SE Asia as well as exporting to the Americas and Europe.

The gradual development of the FBT BRAND into other sports manufacturing sectors, especially sports textiles, has seen the company grow into the leading sports manufacturer in Thailand. The ethos in 1952 was to produce footballs of the highest quality at affordable prices. This ethos of quality and affordability still continues over 60 years later with the emergence of the FBT brand on the worldwide stage as one of the preeminent producers of sports apparel and equipment in the world.

The same standards apply now as it did in 1952, the manufacturing of articles of the highest quality with design and technical innovation in its own facility which offers a safe, and secure working environment with special attention towards the welfare and social wellbeing of its employees.

We are truly CREATING EXCELLENCE IN SPORTS and we look forward to providing you and your team with FBT Sportswear and equipment for many seasons to come.

Garment Care

Our garments are manufactured using the highest quality materials under strict quality controlled conditions. Please be aware that even the best materials can suffer from some form of discolouration due to staining by substances such as mud, grass and liniment oils. These may not be entirely removed by normal washing procedures. We recommend removing as much surface debris from the garment by soaking the garments in water and a suitable pre wash detergent making sure all parts are fully immersed as soon as possible. Always follow the manufacturers’ instructions particularly with powders, detergents and liquids. Avoid using products containing chlorine bleach, this could damage the fabric and any decoration. Do not overfill the washing machine with garments, two loads may be time consuming but if it will be worth the extra effort. Fabric conditioners are not recommended for sportswear materials as they can create a build up of film on the fabric surface. Always launder your socks separately as the materials used in their manufacture differ from outer garments. Again pre-soaking is recommended and on this occasion fabric conditioners/softeners can be used and this will benefit the socks. FBT cannot accept any liability for discolouration or damage to garments which is caused by staining by elements foreign to the garment material, incorrect laundry procedure and or the failure to adhere to the washing/care instruction shown on the garment label and or by excessive tumble drying if the care label allows this process.


Always carefully check that your order is exactly correct in terms of style, colour and size before any printing, embroidery or other decoration is applied. FBT cannot accept any garments that have been previously laundered or decorated for exchange.


Due to the nature of printing techniques there may be on occasion slight differences in the colours shown in the catalogue against the actual garment. FBT reserve the right to modify product specifications and or prices at any given time. Any prices shown are recommended prices inclusive of the current rate of VAT where applicable.

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